Postcards to Henley

I was in Florence, Italy for 6 weeks, pregnant and a little depressed (yes, in Italy!) and away from my near 3 year-old. So I made her a little film.


One thought on “Postcards to Henley

  1. Well, I feel like I should say, “I love you and I miss you!”….but, no. That’s not what I mean to say. What I would say is….how sweet! You really know what to say to a 3 year old….pizza, pasta, gelato, snuggles…and, yes….”I love you…I miss you!”

    Very, very sweet…and funny! (Was that “poo poo” she kept saying? I guess she’s in the poo poo phase, eh?)

    Thanks for sharing with us all a tiny piece of your family life and love. It made me smile and feel all mushy inside.

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