Dimestore at MIPTV

We were MIPTV virgins and now we aren’t.

I attended MIPTV in Cannes, France as part of the NSI (National Screen Institute) Global Market Program.

It was a really positive experience on many levels (beyond hanging out in the French Riviera). I got to live with my good friend and colleague Brenda Wooding of B Wooding Media and met loads of wonderful new people. Some of whom I actually had meetings with and others who I met at various events and parties.

I think the most beneficial part of this ‘exploratory’ market was gaining an understanding of why a market such as MIP can be used as a valuable tool for producers, even ’boutique’ producers like us.

We were shown the ropes by Mickey Rogers and my fellow Global Marketers were Leslea Mair of Zoot Pictures, Vanessa Loewen of Animiki See and Jean Du Toit of Buffalo Gal Pictures.

While I won’t get caught up in “MIP Talk” and get my hopes up about too many things there were certainly some seeds planted and some fun possibilities about what could be next on the agenda.

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