A new website, a new start

February 2011

Spring is coming and it’s time for a facelift!

Dimestore is re-branding, re-inventing and expanding. We’ve officially been in Vancouver for six months and we’re seeing a world of possibility before us!

While we love working on the West Coast we’ve had many excuses to go back to Toronto to finish up some loose ends. Jonathan was recently in Toronto working on re-shoots for “The Thing” (due out this Fall – more details to come). Sheona will be back and forth to Toronto all year finishing up her documentary “When Dreams Take Flight” about ornithopters, human-powered flight and humankind’s deep-seated desire to soar like a bird. She will be directing dramatic recreations, bringing to life the myth of Icarus,  Leonardo DaVinci & Otto Lilienthal.

Sheona will also be attending MIPTV this April as part of the NSI’s Global Market program. It’s an exploratory year as she reaches out into the international world.

While there she will be conducting an interview with a representative from the FAI in Turin and also meeting with ornithopterite Yves Rousseau.

Jonathan will remain in Vancouver where is writing Dimestore’s feature film Hysteria, working on series development & acting.


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